August 10, 2024 Blazing Saddles Ride, sponsored by Bixby Bicycles
August 10th

Blazing Saddles Ride

Blazing saddles is a gran fondo-style ride. It benefits Suicide Prevention and Coffee Bunker, Hope is Oxygen, and Hope is Alive.

Our goal is to bring a community together with a common interest in cycling and running, to help save a life, one person at a time, and to heal families that have suffered a loss due to suicide.

Sign up for the August 10, 2024 Poker Run

We are excited for Blazing Saddles 2024; We have a new starting location at The Bridge Church, and we added a 5 K run. We no longer must ride up Memorial Ave; we finish on the trail and 121st.

We have 7 categories/distances, a 13-mile for the beginner and our Tadpol Trike division, a 28-mile for the ones that want to add more miles for both bikes and trikes, a 40-mile route if you are up for the heat and distance but wait there's more: a 62-mile route and two 100-mile routes. Our first 100-mile route is for a rider that wants to be challenged and ride with a group and have a ride leader; the second 100-plus mile route is a sub-5 hour. Two very experienced riders will lead the sub-5-hour century and help you get to a 20 mph plus pace in the Oklahoma heat. 

Each category will have its own poker game with 20 prizes deep. We have over 150 prizes to give away. Each athlete that paid will receive a free lunch, a cold drink, and 5 playing cards. The Blazing Saddles Poker Run is always a great time with friends and a great way to raise money for Team Suicide Prevention. 


  1. Can I ride an E-bike? Yes, you can. 
  2. Can I ride a tri bike or a bike with aero bars? Yes, you can; we ask you not to be in the aero bars in a group.
  3. Can I wear earbuds? No, we would like everyone to be alert and focused to avoid any possible crashes.
  4. Can I play two hands at the poker game? Yes, you will have to buy/pay for two entries.
  5. If I ride the 40-mile route, can I play the 60-mile route game? No, each athlete that signs up must play their poker hand in their category. The promotor will need to approve an exception if a mishap occurs. 
  6. Can I ride a Trike? Yes, we have opened Blazing Saddles up to tadpol trikes. 
  7. Are the routes marked? Yes. 
  8. Are there rest stops? Yes, between 10 to 20 miles apart. 
  9. Can I sign up the day of event? Yes. It helps us if you sign up online. However, walk-ups are welcome.
  10. Can I do the run and ride? Yes.
  11. Can I pick up my packages before Aug 19th? Yes, at Bixby Bicycles.

Event times:

  1. Registration opens at 6 am.
  2. All riders go off at 7:30 am. 
  3. Poker games start at different times based on your category. Please see for details.
  4. Food trucks available between 11 am to 4 pm. 

Poker game for each class

  • 13 mile route - 10:30 am - 2.5 hours to complete route
  • 28 mile route - 11:30 am - 3.5 hours to complete route
  • 40 mile route - 12:30 pm - 4.5 hours to complete route
  • 62 mile route - 1:30 pm - 5.5 hours to complete route
  • 103 mile route - 2:30 pm (sub 5 hour century) - 6.5 hours to complete route
  • 107 mile route - Estimated 4 to 4:30 pm (over 5 hour century) -  8 to 9 hours to complete route

What do I get for signing up? 

  1. Each athlete will receive one free ticket for the Denago E-bike Drawing. 
  2. You get a free lunch sponsored by The Bridge Church.
  3. Each route will have plenty of rest stops and cold drinks.
  4. A good chance you will win a great prize or possibly the grand prize from the Hard Rock Casino. 
  5. You will be helping raise money for Team Suicide Prevention, which is currently working with the 988 hotline, the Coffee Bunker, Hope is Alive, and Hope is Oxygen.
  6. You will be a part of a significant event in its seventh year and growing. 

You can sign up at Bike Reg -

We are less than 4 weeks out. Get signed up soon.