Frequently asked questions for purchasing a bicycle and how to maintain it. You are making a big investment and we understand your concerns. Please review questions we receive from our customers.

Choosing a bike

Do you know how you want to use the bike?

Are you buying the bike for exercise, recreation, racing or transportation? Do you want to ride on the road or explore natural paths like Turkey Mount, Katy Trail, or Riverside Park?

Are you looking for a triathlon, endurance road, off road bike or E-Bike?

We can help you choose the best bike for your sport, entertainment or exercis.

Do you see yourself riding in events or competitive rides?

Plan ahead and look at bikes that will adapt to your level and have the equipment and gear for your future goals.

What is your budget?

Have a set amount in mind; this will help you focus on bikes in your budget. Remember, the quality of the cycle is dependent on the cost. There may be future repair costs on less expensive bikes.

Can I take a test ride?

Yes, we offer test rides at the shop. If you are undecided about the bike, you can rent and ride it for a day, and if you purchase that bike or any bike from us within seven days, we will reimburse your rental fee.

Do the bikes come with a warranty or included maintenance plan?

Yes, we offer on all new bikes two free tunes ups in the first 12 months of the purchase of the bike (a value between $150 and $200). And on all used bikes, we offer one free tune-up in the first six months of the purchase of the cycle (a value of $75 to $100).

Do you have an introductory bike care bike lesson?

Yes, we offer maintenance classes on flat tire repair and other bike-type lessons. We are always open to our customer's suggestions and ideas. Or we can do a one-on-one class. Some classes do not cost, and others may have a fee, depending on the course.

How do I know if the bike fits me?

A bike fit goes on a person's height, inseam, upper body, arms, and legs. However, it is not that simple. Getting the wrong bike or size will make the ride less enjoyable. That goes back to having an excellent local bike shop you trust that helps you.

How many bikes should I test ride?

Test riding two to four bikes is usually a great starting point. However, test-riding too many can make it confusion.

How often should I have my bike tuned up?

How often you tune a bike depends on how much you ride, the type of bike, and the weather you ride in often.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We ship select brands - call us for mor information at 918.493.6700

What is the shipping policy?

Give us a call at 918.493.6700 for the bike brands we ship. If you are near the Tulsa area, stop by and shop. We believe taking the time to fit you into the cycle is essential.

Do you ship overseas?

We do not ship overseas, please check your local bike shop for bicycle options.

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