Catrike builds recumbent bikes and you can take on the trails around Tulsa area easily. Recumbent means reclining, the perfect description for the comfortable La-Z-Boy riding position on these amazing two-wheelers. So say goodbye to the sore rear, achy lower back, numb hands, and stiff neck. Instead, you pedal blissfully aboard a virtual rolling lawn chair. And, because you’re reclining, your perspective is entirely new. Breathe easy and deeply to feel fresh and relaxed not bent over the handle bars. As a result, you’ll probably find yourself riding further than ever and finishing rides with less soreness and fatigue. With such impressive attributes, it’s no surprise that recumbents are getting more popular.

Catrike designs and manufactures many electric and manual recumbent bikes and Bixby Bicycles has several recumbent bikes in stock. Give us a call at 918-493.6700 for more information.