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Orbea Bikes is the largest bike manufacturer in Spain, producing a vast range of models in all common bike categories, including roadbikes, mountain bike, leisure bike, and commuter bike, e mountain bike, and e road bike. The company is based in Spain's Basque Country and is one of 257 companies in the vast worker cooperative federation, the Mondragon Corporation.

Today, it makes over 75 different bikes, but when the company first started, it manufactured other products—guns. In 1930 Orbea switched completely from guns to bikes. Orbea bikes are designed to fit men and women.

Most road racing fans are familiar with the brand, as it has been seen at the world's top races since the 1930s. Its involvement over the years has resulted in many successes, notably at Spain's Vuelta and the Tour de France.

It isn't just road racing that the company is known for, though. The company is also involved in mountain biking and triathlon. In fact, mountain bikes make up a considerable proportion of the current product range.

Orbea Bike Range

The image that comes to mind when most people think about Orbea Bikes is road bikes, which is understandable given the brand's long involvement with road racing at various levels, including at the three Grand Tours. However, mountain bikes are the largest category in the range.

The Orbea Bikes mountain bike range covers all the major styles, including trail, XC, and enduro. Of course, road bikes are available too in both the Orca and Avant lines. Plus, there is a range of triathlon bikes.

In all these bike categories - road, mountain, and triathlon - there are options with ultra-lightweight carbon frames or alloy frames.

The product range includes non-racing or competitive bikes more suited to everyday use and living, which includes its urban - or commuter - range as well as fitness bikes and bikes for leisure riding.

The company also offers a full range of parts. Many of these are high-performance parts designed for their competitive road, mountain, triathlon, and TT bikes, but there are also parts for other types of bikes. As with everything Orbea Bikes does, the quality of its parts is exceptional. Do you need Orbea spare parts we order them for you and you can be assured it is the right part.

Orbea Bikes Sponsorship

Orbea Bikes has played a significant part in the sport of cycling since it first started manufacturing bikes in 1930. That involvement has focused a lot on European road races and events like the Tour de France, but the company now has a worldwide customer base, so its sponsorships stretch well beyond Europe.

The current sponsorship deals that Orbea Bikes has in place include supplying gear and bike parts. The teams it is involved with include Team Cofidis, the LUNA Pro Team, and the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team.


Orbea began making bikes in Spain in 1920 and became an employee-run company over the years and has not looked back. Today the Orbea employees have the option to be part of the company. These employees work together as a co-op and strive for quality and high-performing bikes. As a result, Orbea is one of the most sought-after brands for cyclists worldwide and is recognized professionally, and the bikes have been raced in many world events. Not only is Orbea great for racing, but they are also known for mountain trails, bike paths, and road bikes. This Spanish brand has combined high-quality carbon and aluminum manufacturing with custom paint options and lightweight frames to create industry-leading bikes. Bixby Bicycle is thrilled to have the Orbea brand in our store. We have many Orbea bikes in stock for you to view, and our experienced staff will help you with the right purchase. Orbea creates and manufactures unique bikes to inspire riders who share our passion for cycling and believe in a fair society.

Whether you are a professional rider, casual, or commuter, Orbea creates bikes designed for your style and activity. They build the road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, and road e-bikes, mountain e-bikes with longer battery life by building lighter bikes and lowering power consumption. Are you looking for a mountain e-bike? These bikes are sleek and excel at climbing mountains or running around town. For a complete list of bikes in inventory, call Bixby Bicycle at 918-943-6700.