Orbea began making bikes in Spain in 1920 and became an employee-run company over the years and has not looked back. Today the Orbea employees have the option to be part of the company. These employees work together as a co-op and strive for quality and high-performing bikes. As a result, Orbea is one of the most sought-after brands for cyclists worldwide and is recognized professionally, and the bikes have been raced in many world events. Not only is Orbea great for racing, but they are also known for mountain trails, bike paths, and road bikes. This Spanish brand has combined high-quality carbon and aluminum manufacturing with custom paint options and lightweight frames to create industry-leading bikes. Bixby Bicycle is thrilled to have the Orbea brand in our store. We have many Orbea bikes in stock for you to view, and our experienced staff will help you with the right purchase. Orbea creates and manufactures unique bikes to inspire riders who share our passion for cycling and believe in a fair society.

Whether you are a professional rider, casual, or commuter, Orbea creates bikes designed for your style and activity. They build the road, mountain, triathlon, and e-bikes with longer battery life by building lighter bikes and lowering power consumption. These bikes are sleek and excel at climbing mountains or running around town. For a complete list of bikes in inventory, call Bixby Bicycle at 918-943-6700.