Kogel BBRight DUB (Road) Alloy Bottom Bracket, Black Ceramic

SKU: 210000018094

This bottom bracket will fit a Sram GXP crank on a Cervelo frame. No adapters, just press the cups, install the GXP reducer, plug in the cranks and go play.

If your Cervelo is a model year 2023 or later, your frame might have a threaded version of BBRight. You will find these bottom brackets under T47Asymmetric in the dropdown.

Choose road bearings for road bikes, cross bearings for gravel and cyclocross or if you frequently ride your road bike on wet roads.

Every pedal stroke counts whether you're aiming for a podium on the world stage or a PR on a local segment. Why settle for anything less than the best? Kogel Ceramic Bottom Brackets redefine your riding experience by offering unmatched efficiency and reliability. Engineered to perfection, our bottom brackets feature ceramic bearings that are more symmetrical and held to stricter tolerances than standard steel bearings. This precision leads to reduced friction, better power transfer, and a smoother ride that lasts.