Urtopia Chord, High Step, White, Customized rear hub, 36 V 350 W, 45 N⋅m, 20 MPH Bike

SKU: 210000019509

Experience elegance and efficiency in one ride!

Elevate your ride with customized Smart partner-talk and never lose track.

Design is Inspired by the Piano

Our bike design was inspired by the passionate prodigy and one of the world's fastest pianists, Mr. Mrvica, who inspired the design and philosophy of Chord, a crossover between art and tech.

Liquid Forging - the Technology of Aerospace

The forging process creates a uniform and dense material that enhances strength, stiffness, ride quality, and aesthetics, offering a stronger, lighter, and more visually striking alternative to traditional frames.

Uphill Ride Downhill Feel

4 Modes x 8 Gears - A wide range of gear options for riders of all skill levels and riding styles. Built to maintain a consistent and comfortable cadence on different terrains, the Chord delivers a superior riding experience.


Chord - recommended rider height: 5'7" - 6'5" - HIGH STEP

Pure Comfort

enjoy your ride on this ergonomic design for longer periods without any discomfort or strain. 

Ease of Carrying

the e-bike is easy to carry, weighing only 46 pounds. Take it wherever you go without a hassle.


Power Up with Ease and Waterproof - Easily remove and re-install the waterproof batter, which gives you a peace of mind.


Lights Has integrated headlight lights for a safer ride
Built in Navigation Goodbye phone, no more struggling to navigate with a tiny screen
Fingerprint Unlock Provides an efficient and intuitive option for riding without the hassle of carrying a key.
Bluetooth Music It's like having a personal DJ accompanying you everywhere on the ride
Voice Control It offers customizable voice commands and horn beeps for fun interactions.
Torque 45NM
Modes X Gears 4 x 8
Adaptive Torque Sensor
Range 75 miles
Phone App iOS, Android
Anti-theft GPS tracking


2-Year Warranty

All Urtopia bikes are covered under our 2-year Limited Warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects.