SE Bikes BMX Big Ripper 29" Wheel Woodgrain/Woody


Bixby Bicycles has BMX Bikes; check out the SE Bikes woodgrain/woody color. The BMX PK Ripper is the rad, coolest, and most famous bike during the first BMX boom in the early 80s. Now the 29” Big Ripper is on top again. It is equipped with an American bottom bracket, and OG seat stay wishbone plate. Plus, the SE Bozack tires are 29” x 2.4” just wide enough to give stability and cushion but also roll extremely fast. So whether you are an old-school BMX rider reliving your youth or a new-school SE bike life rider raising it, the Big Ripper is for you.

Key Features

  • Retro 6061 aluminum
  • Big Ripper frame with Floval tubing, looptail rear end, American bottom bracket, and classic PK Ripper wishbone plate
  • Full Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks
  • Cr-Mo Big Honkin’ cruiser bars
  • Double-wall rims with sealed-bearing and high-flange hubs
  • SE 3-piece V-Ridge cranks with alloy SE sprocket
  • Authentic ODI Mushroom II grips with donuts (Yellow Sparkle and Dark Blue Sparkle do not include donuts)
  • SE Bozack 29” x 2.4” tires SE Flyer seat with
  • SE bottle opener
  • SE Racing padset  (Wood Grain does not include padset)
  • SE Wheelie pegs
  • 32 pounds

Shipping $199.